In the Shadow of the Gods.

Once upon a time Jean Violet wanted to be this rock star. That guy on MTV and on the radio. Well, he did, sorta. He is not on MTV, nor on the radio, but Jean did figure out a way to make music, do what he loves, pay the bills and have a fulfilling life. He may not quite be the rock star he dreamed of, but he is in the shadow of rock star gods, in more ways than one. Jean gets to play one and play on the same stages with them, hang out with them, and sometimes be treated as one of them, and Jean has had his time signed to a record label and touring with them on two continents. Jean is happy with the ways things turned out.


This is his rock’n’roll journey of how he spent over 20 years playing Robert Plant on stage with the tribute band Kashmir, alongside Kevin Slover, Paul Cooper and Zebra’s Felix Hanneman. Tribute bands are an unsung part of the music world whose backstage story rarely gets told. This is Jean’s experience growing from New York City clubs to Madison Square Garden to theaters across America, while growing as a person and a singer. Its the highs and lows of the music business, the tragedies and successes, the unexpected adventures and missed opportunities, the huge egos and humbling learning experiences. Its working with famous people like manager Don Hill and Kix’s Jimi K. Bones, touring with Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy and Carmine Appice, to getting a reality check from Little Steven. It is also the path that led Jean to Kashmir, including the bands, making music in Japan, day jobs and family issues, to burning out and being burned by folks he thought were friends. Somehow Jean made it from A to Zeppelin.

Written by Jean Violet and Aaron Joy

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