Felix Hanemann

Banner_8Felix Hanemann (John Paul Jones)
Bass, Keyboards

Felix Hanemann was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana .

He graduated from Warren Easton High School and attended the University of New Orleans and Loyola where Music was his Major and English was his Minor .

Felix fell in love with the idea of putting a band together after seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday nights in February 1964 . Felix’s first band was called The Salt & Pepper Conspiracy when he was 14 yrs old and played at a popular teen club on Lafitte St called the Hullabaloo . In 1972 he put an all original band together called Shepherd’s Bush with Randy Jackson as the lead guitarist .

Unfortunately Shepherd’s Bush had only stayed together for about 12 to 18 months and then disbanded . Shepherd’s Bush was named after the town that The Who originated from. Felix and Randy stayed together and started a cover band called Maelstrom which was named after a poem by Edgar Allen Poe titled “Down through the Maelstrom”. Guy Gelso was the drummer in Maelstrom along with a keyboard player named Tim Thorton . Unfortunately Maelstrom also didn’t stay together very long . But they did play of few local clubs , some graduation gigs and some sorority parties .

However , Maelstrom is the basis for the nucleus of Randy , Felix and Guy to form Zebra ! The keyboard player eventually quit the band and Randy and Guy were putting a new group together and invited Felix to join. This was convenient since they originally started practicing in his apartment ! They decided that they needed a bigger space , so the three of them set out to practice at a warehouse just on the edge of New Orleans’ Famous French Quarter on Decatur St. The three of them practiced Led Zeppelin , ZZ Top , The Moody Blues , David Bowie , Rush and a few originals that they were putting together . They practiced five and six times a week every night for six months ! By this time they were ready to play some shows and had invited a couple of club owners to come to see them at their warehouse and got a couple of gigs ! One problem . The club owners asked them “what’s the name of the band “?  The band had no name ! So , they set out to name the band , and each of them came together at a club in New Orleans in The Garden District called The Boot . They each had a list of names that they wanted to call the band , but none of them could agree on a name . However , there was a poster of a lady riding a zebra on the cover of a Vogue magazine from January 1926 . One of them looked up and saw the poster and said then let’s call it Zebra. They all agreed ! So , Zebra got it’s start in February of 1975 . They moved up to Long Island NY for New Years eve 1976 and played their first show with a band named Rat Race Choir . They were voted the #1 band on Long Island in Good Times Magazine and their unsigned originals were being played on WBAB , a popular rock station on Long Island . Zebra was signed to Atlantic Records and released their debut self titled album in March 1983 and the record went Gold ! Zebra has released three other studio recordings and one live recording . Zebra released a documentary style DVD in 2007 and have been inducted into The Louisiana Hall of Fame and The Long Island Music Hall of Fame . Zebra continues to perform several shows a year and is celebrating their 37th year together . Felix has recently joined “Kashmir” The #1 Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience , and will be touring throughout the country featuring Jean Violet – Vocals , Andy Urban-Guitars , Paul Cooper-Drums&Vocals & Felix Hanemann- Bass, Keyboards&Vocals .

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