Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Andy has been performing on the music scene since age 16. He has performed in several cover bands such as Skin Tite, Live Wire (an AC/DC cover band), has recorded and toured with the original rock band, HOG, and has opened for acts such as the Charlie Daniels Band, the Pat Travers Band, Third Eye Blind, and Sebastian Bach. His classic mixture of high energy and tasteful solos has made a lasting impression on fans and musicians alike.

Andy comes from the “Jimmy Page is God” school of playing and lists Led Zeppelin as his main musical influence and inspiration. His bow solos and mesmerizing Theremin spells have taken crowds into other dimensions. His performance personifies the wizardly Jimmy Page to make fans feel as if they are actually in the master’s presence. Similar to Jimmy Page, Andy possesses an arsenal that includes replicas of the iconic doubleneck electric and acoustic guitars,Gibson Les Paul, Danelectro, custom Fender Telecaster, and Fender Stratocaster.